Step 1

To edit a resource, the first step is to select "Resources" from the top bar on the Reach Out Console home screen. This will take you to your list of resources.

Step 2

Once on the screen that has your list of resources, scroll down and find the resource you'd like to edit, then click on that row. It will take you to the resource profile.

Step 3

Once on the resource profile that you just selected you'll see the contact information displayed. From this screen you can edit the address, phone numbers, and office hours.

**Note: To create hours for a contact that is open 24/7, you will need to write that the resource is open everyday of the week from 12am-11:59pm. This will create a "Open 24 Hours" designation.

Step 4

To edit the remaining information click on the menu in the top right hand corner. Then select "Edit Resource". That will take you to a screen that has all of the remaining resource information.

Step 5

Once on the "Edit Resource" screen you can fill in any of the fields with whatever information you'd like. Once you're happy with the information, click "Save" on the bottom of the screen. The changes will be immediately reflected in Reach Out!

What You'll Learn