Add Resource to a Catalog

Console users have the ability to add resources to other areas within the app. That's known as "adding a resource to a catalog". It is most commonly used after creating a new resource in order for the newly created resource to appear in it's corresponding catalogs (category & subcategory buttons). To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Find the resource that you'd like to add to a catalog from your list of resources, and click on the button that has a folder with a plus button.

Step 2

Pick the catalog (category or subcategory button) where you'd like the resource to appear, then click "Add". It'll be instantly added to that catalog and will appear at the bottom of the resource list.

After that, you'll see a prompt that says "Go to Catalog Map". Clicking on that will take you to the list of resources, including the one you just added for that catalog, and you'll be able to arrange resources in the order you'd like them to appear in Reach Out. For more information on rearranging the order of resources within catalogs, see "Deleting & Rearranging Resources"

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