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I’ve had the same nightmare every night for the last 18 months. In it I see a bedroom, tucked in the right corner of a basement apartment. Read Article

I fell out of love with a rapist when I was 17. His mother called me on my flip phone and asked if there was somebody else. I said no. She asked if I was cheating on him. I said no. She asked if I thought I was too good for him. I cried. Read Article

Sexual assault is a complex and horrible issue. It is personal, it is heartbreaking and it is different in every case. But if we ever want to put an end to sexual assault...Read Article

Sexual assault is a complex and horrible issue. It is personal, it is heartbreaking and it is different in every case. But if we ever want to put an end to sexual assault, we have to stop letting its complexity get in our way.Read Article

Last season NBC aired a program called “The Game of Silence” in which 4 best friends who once served time in a juvenile detention center as a result of a well-intentioned...Read Article

"The worst part of the aftermath of being raped was being told over and over again that I must report the rape. Every health professional saw told me how important..."Read Article

"When I heard about the Brock Turner case, I cried." Listen to these survivors talk about their own experiences"Watch Video

A year ago, a school administrator at the University of Richmond (UR) in Richmond, Virginia called me into their office. Clad in an “It Ends Now” shirt, this administrator told me my sexual...Read Article

A few days ago, my friend published an article I’m sure you have all read by now. Entitled “There’s a Brock Turner in all o(UR) Lives,” CC detailed her case against the University of Richmond’s gross mishandling of her sexual assault case.Read Article

Dear Harvard, Hey, it’s me. One of your statistics. Call me what you want: sexual assault victim, rape survivor, a report of “nonconsensual sexual penetration through the use of force.” It doesn’t really matter, because no matter what happens or has happened, I am simply, completely, and totally me. And I have something to tell you.Read Article

When I ran cross-country in high school in California, I was well trained, well coached and professionally sized for my Asics racing flats. Running was a source of pleasurable vulnerability: I courted the limits of how much self-inflicted pain my body could handle, tracing the long curve of Santa Monica Bay, on the hard sand by the water, and the wealthy streets of Brentwood, past hedge-hidden homes. My runs were backlit by privilege.Read Article

WHEN people hear about campus sexual assaults, they rarely understand the true impact such an attack has on the survivor and her family. But I do.Read Article

By Elizabeth Elkin February 1, 2016 The Crimson White It was the first day of class, her first year at college. Laura woke up and put on the perfect outfit, the one she had carefully laid out the night before. She was excited and nervous for the adventure she expected to come. She methodically checked to see she had all the right books and supplies, ate breakfast and went to class, just like any other freshman.Read Article

By Anonymous March 31, 2014 The Harvard Crimson I’m writing this piece as I’m sitting in my own dining hall, only a few tables away from the guy who pressured me into sexual activity in his bedroom, one night last spring. My hands are trembling as they hover across the keyboard. I’m exhausted from fighting for myself. I’m exhausted from sending emails to my resident dean, to my House Master, to my Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment tutors, to counselors from the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, to my attorney. I’m exhausted from asking for extensions because of “personal issues.” I’m exhausted from avoiding the laundry room, the House library and the mailroom because I’m scared of who I will run into.Read Article

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